Taking place on the 15th of EVERY month, Vaudevillingham is an opportunity for you to step right up and show everyone what you’ve got! Wild things happen at Vaudevillingham—you can be certain to witness something you’ll never forget.

What is it?

Vaudevillingham is our community open-stage variety show that’s unexpected, uncurated, unapologetic, and UNBELIEVABLE! Will you see axe juggling? Aerial silks on roller skates? A symphony made purely from conch shells? Come find out!

🗓️  Every month on the 15th
⏰  7pm (family friendly) and 9pm (anything goes)
🎟️ $10-20 donation suggested (online or at the door)
📍 at the cirque lab (1401 6th st in fairhaven)

What to expect?

⭐ Amazing, weird, overwhelming, underwhelming (and everything in between) acts from both locals & travelers

⭐ At least one featured professional performer at every show

⭐ A hilarious, entertaining MC to guide you through the experience

⭐ An auction of wow-worthy items that supports keeping our doors open at the BCG

Want to perform?

Great! We want YOU to come show us what you’ve got! Professional, amateur, first-time, everyone is welcome. The only rules are as follows:

  • No repeats – act must be new to Vham
  • Must be less than 5-minutes
  • Be kind – absolutely no sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, other discrimination allowed on our stage

Ready to get on stage? Click the button below to fill out our ridiculously simple signup form!

members of the Bellingham Circus Guild having heaps of fun

Wren The Juggler at Vaudevillingham (Photographer: David Vitz)

FAQs about Vham


Can I buy tickets at the door?

Yes! Tickets are always available at the door. We accept cash or Venmo.  You can also pre-purchase your tickets by visiting our Events page.

Is the venue wheelchair accessible?

Yes! Please let us know at the door when you arrive if you need seating accomodations.

What show time should I come to?

Both the 7pm and 9pm show will be full of the uncurated, unbelievable goodness that makes Vaudevillingham so special. But in general:

-The 7pm show is family friendly and good for all ages.

-The 9pm show might include some *spicy* or otherwise adult content. Grown-ups, bring children at your own risk!

How do I find out more about this month’s Vaudevillingham?

For the most up-to-date information on Vham, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or sign up for our newsletter to get updates directly to your inbox.


What do I get for performing at Vaudevillingham?

The rush of the audience! The thrill of the stage lights! The joy of knowing you’re contributing to a thriving arts scene! To be more specific… Participation in Vham is on a volunteer basis, so you’ll kindly be offering your act for free. All performers do get pizza provided backstage and sometimes amazing photographers show up and take great photos. Your performance is a donation to our monthly fundraiser which helps keep our doors open & circus thriving!

Do I have to perform in both shows?

Nope! We would love it if you would, but if you only want to perform in the 7pm or 9pm show that’s up to you.  Note – if you’re doing any acts with adult content (like burlesque), those acts will only be featured in the 9pm show.

Can I perform fire at Vaudevillingham?

Sorry, we aren’t accepting fire acts for Vham.

What do I need to perform aerial?

We want everyone to be safe! All aerialists are required to perform with a mat underneath them. When filling out our signup form, please include some videos of your act so we can make sure that you’ve got enough experience to safely perform.