members of the Bellingham Circus Guild having heaps of fun


The Bellingham Circus Guild

We are a collection of professional and hobby circus artists. Our mission is to assist and support the circus arts community of Whatcom County, to promote circus arts to the community at-large, and to radically proliferate delight at every opportunity.

The Guild’s Bellingham facility (the “Cirque Lab”) serves as an arena for events, classes, and practice space for members. As a consensus-run collective, we strive to provide a forum for communication and connection among the circus arts community of Whatcom County and the Pacific Northwest. We promote and support circus arts in Bellingham and beyond through classes, open studio times, and shows. Above all, we aim to play like we mean it and encourage others to do the same.


[More articles and videos to come!]


New members join the BCG by connecting with current guild members, finding a member willing to sponsor them as a new member, and attending a meeting to introduce themselves to the BCG board. The board determines if they have the capacity for new members and if the potential new member is a good fit. If a new member is OK’d by the board, the sponsor informs them and shows them the ropes. The sponsor continues to be a resource for the new member if any questions come up during their membership. New members are initially given a 6 month trial membership and have a membership review after that time to determine if it is a good fit to continue membership. After their 6 month trial membership period, a member may be offered the option to be part of the BCG board of directors.

The COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated a number of new membership policies and limitations. The BCG is currently limiting membership to approved individuals who are fully vaccinated. We regularly reassess our mask and vaccine policies for training, lessons, and events in the Cirque Lab based on community COVID-19 data and state restrictions. 

Full Membership privileges (incomplete list)

  • Full members receive a key to the cirque lab
  • Full members may opt in to joining the board of directors
  • Full members may attend and participate in board meetings
  • Full members have editing access to the BCG calendar
  • Full members are added to the Members google group, and are able to receive and reply to messages that come in through the website contact forms (including gigs)

Membership agreements/ duties (incomplete list)

  • Pay a key deposit when you receive your key
  • Sign a waiver once per year
  • Keep your training schedule updated on the calendar
  • Familiarize yourself with Cirque lab use policies and procedures
  • Familiarize yourself with the consensus process document if you plan to participate in meetings