Eccentric Performing Workshop

with Iman Lizarazu

A 2-Day workshop to unleash your inner eccentric!

Sat April 20 – Sun April 21

Don’t miss this special opportunity to learn with Iman Lizarazu – renowned master and international teacher of Eccentric Performing, Circus Arts, and Commedia dell’Arte. We’re thrilled to welcome her to Bellingham!

Iman Lizarazu’s workshops in Eccentric Performing, Comedia del Arte, and Circus Skills are designed to help performers and non-performers alike and will expand your ability to create, and promote your capacity to solve problems in unusual ways. For performers, these workshops will help you build complicity with the audience, and give you fresh ideas for new material and expanding your existing work. Non-performers who would benefit from these events include public speakers, teachers, lawyers, and anyone who deals with the public. These workshops are intended to enrich and enhance each participant’s outlook and imagination.

About Iman: First a scientist then an eccentric performer! Iman Lizarazu combines both fields with brilliance, witty, poignant comedy and teaching. An eccentric performer with 40 years of experience, you don’t want to miss this opportunity. Iman’s performance totally mesmerizes the audience. Her world-renowned physical comedy, brilliant mime, dance and juggling deliver original, invigorating, tender and genuine entertainment. To learn more, visit

Two-day workshop:

  • Saturday, April 20th 12:00-4:00pm
  • Sunday, April 21st 9:00am-1:00pm

Location: BCG’s Cirque Lab (1401 6th St)

Cost: $250

Skill level: Open to all! No experience necessary.

This intimate workshop is limited to 16 participants. Secure your spot early!