A note from the producers:

There’s much to say, so we’ll keep it short and sweet. The Cascadian Creatures Talent Show is a production that has been living only in the realm of our dreams for over five years. To now be in the right place, right time, with the right community to bring it to life is nothing short of a blessing. Our hearts are filled to the brim with gratitude for the ability to share this story of whimsy, teamwork, and creativity. Thank you so much to our cast, crew, volunteers, collaborators, supporters, and, of course, our audience, for making this possible.


Natale & Vinny

Producers, Writers, & Directors


Aida Endeavor

@aidaendeavor & @aidalynnn

as Anita Amanita

  Endeavor has been part of the Cirque Cadia family for 5 years, and has donned the red spotted cap as Anita for nearly as long. They were so so delighted to be part of Cirque Cadia’s inaugural production, Gnomecoming, and now can’t wait share to the continued building of our magical world with CCTS.

Outside of mushroomin’, spinning hoops and fire props with CirqueCadia, Aida is a Nova Dancer at Cabaret Atelier and Figure Models at BellinghamART Space. After ending a workday at local digital marketing agency Intellitonic, they’re usually found watching cartoons, baking goods, or scheming their next boba order.

Their favorite enchanted creature is the Selkie! A magical, mythical, half-seal half-human. But they’re not configured like merpeople. Rather, they transform into humans by shedding their seal coat when they reach shore… and get into plenty of hijinks, romantic or otherwise! They moral of the folklore is to reclaim your authenticity and to remember when you feel lost, you can always return to the sea. 🌊✨

as Sheldon Chanterelle

 Seva has been performing and finding home in theater for over two earth decades. They tend to flow between the roles of director, actor, playwright, flow artist, fire spinner and festival fairy rover whenever they aren’t pretending to be a human working in the medical field. They also encourage you to support old growth forests however you are able. Viva Mycelia!! ✨️

Their favorite enchanted creatures are Fairies! (Hi Prance Team 😏)

Ari Appel


as Momo Morel

Ari Appel has been performing for 7 years. She started out as an aerialist in south Florida then evolved into doing acro yoga performances. Since living in the Pacific Northwest, she has done many duo dances, comedy performances at festivals and different events known as “Shorty & the Legs” with her dance partner. Ari is a stilt walker and has also done many roving gigs as enchanted characters at festivals and shows.

Her favorite enchanted creatures are Gnomes and fairies!

Sadye Osterloh

@sadyeo & @dananddannyjr

as Rich Bizman

Sadye Osterloh has been a giant ham since the moment she was born. Or was it a turkey? She is a co-founder of the Up Up Up Crane Truck Circus and also a co-founder of a brand spanking new big top circus tent project – Shoestring Circus! Aaaand performs as Dan (of Dan and Danny Jr.’s Real Live Actual Magic).

Sadye enjoys dangling off of aerial apparatuses and other humans, climbing ladders balanced on other peoples shoulders, wearing a giant hot dog suit, hitting dramatically high opera notes and opening up jars that other people have previously loosened – and feeling triumphant about it. When she and Poki aren’t busy working on their comedy Magic illusions, they’re busy playing with their cute lil baby Otis!

Favorite enchanted creature is a prince :)

Matthew “Poki” McCorkle


as Pookie

Matthew “Poki” McCorkle connects with audiences far and wide through bringing seemingly impossible moments to life right before everyone’s eyes. They are a founder of both Up Up Up Crane Truck Circus and the touring big top Shoestring Circus. They have performed in dinner theatre shows in Germany, down the Mississippi with Flotsam River Circus, for children in Palestine West Bank with Clowns Without Borders, and in prisons and tribal reservations with The New Old Time Chautauqua! They like to “balance” circus life with chasing around their 1 year old toddler, Otis.

Avery Sharp


as Fernie

Avery is a flow artist and fire entertainer with a focus on unusual props and circus arts. He has been bringing the flowerstick to the stage since 2019, and has taught flow arts across the country and in school districts to promote a circus arts unit in public schools.
He lives in Bellingham with his fiance, their two cats, and a panther chameleon named Gilgamesh.

His favorite enchanted creatures are trolls!

Rogue Flamas


as Sam Foot

Rogue Flamas has a background of stage and character work mostly revolving around stone and fire. It is a pleasure to help save the forest now.

His favorite enchanted creature is a Phoenix.

The Amazing Anthony


as Barnabog

Residing in Washington’s evergreen capitol, The Amazing Anthony has called Olympia home for the last 10 years. Over the last 15 years The Amazing Anthony has honed his skills in funk styles dance, juggling, hat tricks, object balancing/manipulation, sleight of hand coin magic, joke telling/comedy, and public speaking. Over the last 10 years he has performed at numerous festivals and events around Washington state. When asked about his performance a spectator stated, “It’s magic, it’s all just magic”.

His favorite enchanted creature is a Tanuki – a Japanese raccoon dog, legends claim it is a shapeshifting trickster.

Jes Houston


as Squirm

Jes Houston is so excited to be a Cascadian Creature and lean into her silly, playful, metamorphic side.
Jes has been a member of the Bellingham Circus Guild for nearly 10 years. As an aerialist, movement based artist and performer she loves to play with a range of characters and articulate moments that explore the many realities of being a human in a mystical, glorious, terrifying and stunning world.

Most recently on the BCG stage, Jes had the pleasure of choreographing the ensemble opening number in My Circus Valentine and the Skeleton dance in the Halloween show, and has performed alongside the incredible, talented, inspiring artists at the BCG through various roles.

Jes balances life as a performing artist with teaching movement based classes in Bellingham and around the county, supporting folks in the transformational times around parenthood, and creating witchy potions, romping with fairies and gnomes of the forest, foraging natures delights and exploring the world with her most loved 5 year old and partner TJ.

For her favorite enchanted creature, she made the hard decision between Pegasus or Sasquatch :)

as Devinah of the Deep

Laura specializes in athletic and innovative aerial work. She performs on silk, sling, dance trapeze, and lyra. She has performed all over the US with The Venardos Circus, Circus Kirkus, Blue Lala Entertainment, and is a resident performer at the Pink Door in Seattle.
Her work shares the artistic curiosity of modern circus mixed with her love for the showmanship of traditional circus.

Her favorite magical creature is the Pillsbury Doughboy.

as Luminary

Wren is grateful to be a part of the magic that is the circus and even more grateful that he can earn his living at it!

When it comes to enchanted creatures, he loves to imagine fairies who flit around us invisibly all the time!

Daniel Sloan

as Luminary

Daniel began performing magic at a young age, and has always loved finding that place of shared wonder and amazement, with whoever would meet him there! He is so grateful for the opportunity to have traveled up and down the coast for more than a decade, calling attention to beauty and possibility with performance and circus workshops.

His favorite enchanted creature is an Ent!

Cybele León


as Prance Team Fairy & Forest Guardian

Cybele León is a dancer and choreographer who combines her circus training and dance experience into her own blended cabaret dance style. After launching her burlesque career at Burlesque at the Pink Door, the longest running burlesque show in the Pacific NorthWest, she cofounded a new cabaret as one third of the Valtesse Productions creative team. Since setting roots in Bellingham early 2022, she has quickly grown a thriving dance community at her dance studio Cabaret Atelier. She has spent the last decade immersed in the cabaret production world, wearing many behind the scenes hats, coproducing dozens of creative productions and performing in over a hundred shows.

Sephie Rose


as Prance Team Fairy

Sephie loves to dance, prance, and twirl amidst. She was born in rural, western Pennsylvania & moved to Bellingham 2 years ago. She currently takes dance and hoop classes at Cabaret Atelier. Sophie brings a versatile and expressiveness to the circus stage.

Her favorite enchanted creature are the Aurora Borealis Badger Guardians.

as Prance Team Fairy

I’m so excited to make my fairy debut! I’ve been taking classes and dancing with Cabaret Atelier for just over a year under direction of Cybele Leon.

Her favorite enchanted creatures are mermaids!

as Prance Team Fairy

Ester Pine is a Bellingham-based bearded babe. She’s a campy, sassy performer with an eye for sparkle. This plus-size paper doll has come to life to spread joy and self love.

Her favorite enchanted creatures are definitely dragons!

Thea Aeris


as Prance Team Fairy

Thea Aeris is a multi-faceted performer dabbling in dance, hoops and silk fans! She frequently performs with Cabaret Atelier and at Vaudevillingham – she is so excited to grace the Bellingham Circus Guild stage once again for the Cascadian Creatures Talent Show!

Her favorite enchanted creatures are Forest gnomes!

Vivian Harlow


as Forest Guardian

My name is Vivian Harlow, I’m a local burlesque and cabaret performer here in Bellingham. About a year and a half ago I started dancing at Rumors Cabaret on Sundays Drag me to Church. I currently still dance at Rumors Cabaret and as of June 2023 Cabaret Atelier. Since dancing with Cabaret Atelier I have had the opportunity to dance in two showcases and other very fun events. Burlesque for me has been such a liberating experience, it has allowed me feel in control of myself and my identity. The character that is Vivian Harlow is nothing shy of a total attention loving drama queen, she is flirty, playful and loves giving people a show they won’t forget.

Her favorite enchanted creature is a siren 🧜‍♀️

Artemisia Solecita


as Forest Guardian

Artemisia Solecita is a performing artist based in Bellingham, WA. She has graced the stage, primarily, as a burlesque performer for just under 2 years. She has studied at the Cabaret Atelier. Her many talents also include costume design and roller skate dance. You won’t be surprised to see a few tricks up her sleeve. Artemisia is bold, passionate, and enchanting. She hopes to inspire and entrance with each performance. 

Paper La Shay


as Rococo Raccoon

Paper La Shay exudes swashbuckling spirit and mischievous charm. She is known for enchanting the hearts of audiences around the world with her unique/sassy style and flavor. She is a dancer of a variety of styles, a clown of many masks, aerialist, acrobat, puppeteer, stilt walker, costume designer. She weaves stories through movement, and believes in the transformative power of spreading hope through art. She thanks circus for connecting her with a beautiful community of misfits and bringing so much meaning to this life.

Her favorite enchanted creature is  the Kitsune – the shape shifting fox; who grows a new tail everytime they reincarnate. Eventually at their truest form with 9 tails.

Mary Gargett


as the Elf Queen

Mary Gargett is a professional hula hoop, fire, & stilt performer who calls Bellingham home, but is known nationally for her circus performances. She has toured extensively with March Fourth Marching Band and Venardos Circus, has been a guest performer with neo-cirque cabaret group Quixotic, and continues to entertain audiences of all sizes throughout the country.

Her favorite enchanted creature is a fairy :)

Natale Luma


as Barbara Berry

Natale Luma is a performer, director, and lover of all things whimsical and wondrous. Her favorite magical creature is her cat, Zuki.


Natale Luma

Producer, Creative Director, Writer

Vinny Casasanta

Producer, Technical Director, Writer

Sam Warford

Stage Manager

Richard Hartnell

Audio Engineer

Don Bates

Lighting Designer

Anna Dorough

Lighting Assistant

Heidi Haidle

Front of House Manager

Special Thanks


Aslan Brewing, Crave Catering, OVN Pizza, Bella Ciao 🍕

Media Team 

Peder Lovold, Daniel Harm, Aaron Wiganosky, David Vitz, Jason Ruvelson

Mo’s Parlor

Barnabog Design & Construction 🌲

Marianne Casasanta

Costume Design & Construction ✂️

Mirah Heiderich

Lead Kid Wrangler 🤠

Sophie Mabrouk

Makeup Support 💄

& all of our amazing volunteers!


We’re sending love out into the cosmos to the people who we wish were still here to enjoy this show:






Thanks for reading and enjoy the show!